Monday, 23 March 2015

Evaluation part 8

Evaluation part 7

Evaluation part 6

I do think we have reached our target audience through our opening title sequence. Through the planning and production process we have constantly been asking for feedback to make sure the sequence is suitable for our audience.

This includes our typography as we asked our target audience to tick what one they thought was most suitable. Also, we asked on their opinions for the suitability of our cast and crew and opinions on our narrative and opening title sequence idea- with a soundtrack to go with it. Each time we made a draft of our sequence we got feedback on how to improve it; so on every step we consulted our target audience to make sure it was suited to them.

In the actual sequence, parts that would relate to the audience are the newspaper, setting and transport. Men typically read newspapers, especially the sport section which you can see in the POV shots. It is set on the busy streets of London where a lot of business men and women are travelling to work which you can see- relatable to the audience as they would have high profile jobs like in the sequence. Also, business people usually travel to work by train which is featured in the sequence which will make them responsive as they feel involved within the sequence as they may of been there before.

According to audience feedback, parts that have been successful in the pitch were well researched industry side, appropriate director and 'good concept'. Feedback from the questionnaires we conducted were they thought our idea was 'interesting' and most of the audience watch crime films which is good as it shows we picked the right audience to target. Positives from our first draft were they thought we had 'good use of point of view' shots and they thought the cuts used create a 'dramatic effect'.

Parts that were less successful were having no title at the beginning and no indication on what the sequence would look like. From the questionnaire we found that someone thought the sequence 'could be better'. Also, from the first draft we found the sequence 'needs to be longer' and some of the after effects were too dark.

The work that could be improved in the pitch was the title names as none were suitable, but we eventually came up with one that fit the genre and was approved by our audience. Results from the questionnaire, lead us to make more scenes and change colour effects to make it ore interesting. Also, we need to 'develop the narrative' more which we did. The first draft needed us to make the colour contrast as it was too dark